The Leading Analysts & Strategists for Health Practitioners

eIQ understands fast-growth and the obstacles to achieving it in your practice. Our team delivers ingenious solutions to help you get from great to best, with one focus in mind, results! 

Disrupt tradition, change your perspective and forget playing it safe.

eIQ encompasses the full lifecycle of fast growth business as a strategy-driven accelerator for integrative and natural health practitioners. We specialize in digital marketing, CRM, marketing automation, branding, email marketing, and all scaling needs for accelerating health practitioners from start to exit. 

Connect & Engage

Your practice has a story. Our intelligent solutions connect and engage people with your brand. eIQ is about giving you the edge to make sure your story is heard.


We don’t allow for assumptions or uncalculated risks. We use insight-driven strategies to deliver collaborative experiences that are easy for audiences to connect to.

Test & Measure

Our team of leading analysts and strategists measure outcomes to ensure our designers, writers and researchers are accelerating your revenue.

We bring our partners’ organizations 
to life in a BIG a way.

Partners? That’s right… we don’t believe in “clients”. We invest our most valuable asset, time, into people who view the world like we do. Our partnership is only a success if your practice is a success.

How do we do it?

eIQ obtains insight with numbers, predictive behaviors and strategic opportunities through a deep understanding of your buyer’s culture and an obsession with being authentic.

No matter where you want to take your organization, invention or reinvention starts with challenging convention. To us, ensuring organizational scale is a by-product of who we are as an organization.

We’re with you every step of the way…

  • Professional Branding & Design
  • Proven Digital Marketing
  • Fast Practice and Team Crisis Aversion
  • Industry Leading Analyst Insights
  • Ingenious Data Insights

We take an innovative, entrepreneurial approach.

At eIQ, we help health entrepreneurs- Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Functional Medicine Practitioners and Health Coaches discover the ideal routes to take to grow your business using data-driven strategies and proven digital marketing so that the risks you take are calculated.

Design is far from just aesthetics. Form and function are crucial in all creative projects our team embarks on. From captivating collaborative to extensive ecommerce websites, we appeal to partners with clarity, passion and usability. Our team selects systems that are suited to your needs, so you get every aspect of a solution along with seamless integration… Read more

Our advanced campaign strategies are attributed to our data reach and resources. Aggregating and modelling data is native to us as understanding your customers is key in driving profit in paid search campaigns… Read more

Social media has changed the game in terms of how we communicate with one another, and with brands. Using the vast knowledge within our resources, we deliver personalized messages through creative insight, turning your social channels into ROI generating channels… Read more

Most care about the organizations and products that offer them value through experience. Our strategist find creative ways to communicate your initiatives through content that appeals to the media and reflects the interest of the end buyer… Read more

EIQ provides integrated E-Commerce solutions that combine a technological mix of SEO, paid media, conversion optimization and analytics with business intelligence. E-Commerce should not only grow traffic and deliver revenue per visit, but as well help organizations make enterprise decisions based on data that most would ignore… Read more

The right data is critical in utilizing the right strategy for each partner. Unique ranking, market position and backlinks allow our strategist to prioritize plans for the right results. Driven by insights, data is the core of every decision in SEO that our team makes… Read more

Creating and executing leading search campaigns comes naturally to our team. We are data driven minds with a creative passion for driving revenue… Read more

We are in a world that breaths and lives data, giving just as much attention to how it’s accessed and stored to how it is reported on and analyzed. We have turned the practice of business intelligence and data science into art… Read more

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