2017 E-Commerce is Fast & On-Demand

In 2017, On-Demand Ecommerce is a must for accelerating companies to consider. MDG Advertising did a study to dial in on the data to show five key elements that are non-negotiable when building an Ecommerce site.

5 Data Driven Stats to Consider from the Findings:

1. Experience through Speed

Consumers demand websites that are fast, intuitive and function across all platforms, especially mobile. 47% of consumers stated that usability and responsiveness were the most important elements a site should contain. 3 out of 4 consumers stated they would leave an e-commerce site if it was slow.

Key Considerations
51% of all Americans make online purchases via their cell phone. 77% of 18-29 year-olds make purchase online using their cell phone.

In order to attract and retain visitors ensure that your e-commerce site loads fast, is easy to use and works across all mobile devices.

2. Detailed Product/Service Information

Many consumers believe that businesses do not provide adequate or accurate detail regarding what they are selling. Having detailed information is non-negotiable as 77% of consumers say that the items content on the e-commerce site influences their purchase decision. 68% of consumers want to gain an in-depth understanding of what they are contemplating to purchase on the e-commerce site.

Key Considerations
83% of consumers say having the ability to ask questions on products/services is important to them. 40% of shoppers expect to have a Q&A section on the e-commerce section of a website. More importantly, the information must be accurate as 86% of consumers stated that they would be unlikely to make a repeat purchase from an e-commerce site that gave inaccurate information. 42% of consumers return an online purchase if it does not match the e-commerce description.

Consumers expect to know as much as possible about what they are going to purchase. Ensuring your e-commerce site has accurate and detail product descriptions is non-negotiable.

3. Big Images-Little Details

High quality images for your product or service can be make or break for the conversion. Poor quality images are directly tied to a loss in sales as 26% of consumers have stated they abandoned an online purchase due to bad quality images. 67% of consumers say high-quality images are important on product pages.

Key Considerations
Having ability to see small details is critical as 71% of shoppers regularly use the zoom function for product photo’s. Speed is also a must as 39% of consumers will stop engaging with a web page if images are slow to load.

Consumers can not physically see or touch items on e-commerce sites, therefore images serve as a key showcase. Sites without fast loading and high-quality images will not convert to sales.

4. Diverse Ratings and Reviews

Prior to even contemplating a purchase on an e-commerce site, buyers want to know what other people- peers, friends and experts in the area think- keep the products/services as the focus.

Key Considerations
Shoppers expect to find reviews and ratings as it makes them feel comfortable about their purchase, holds e-commerce companies accountable and ensures the quality and safety of products. 73% of consumers want to see what others have to say prior to making a purchase. As well, 50% want to see third-party product reviews on sites. Real reviews are critical as 48% of consumers struggle to tell if online reviews are truthful.

Consumers of your product or service do not want to hear your opinions. Incorporating real reviews/ratings into your e-commerce will provide a diverse viewpoint and build trust.

5. Dynamical Search Speed

On-site search for many consumers, is the first thing they go to on a site, while for others it is the filtering of products or services. Search is a non-negotiable on an e-commerce site as 71% of shoppers say they regularly use search on a site.

Key Considerations
Consumers do not want a long list of results as 70% of shoppers say they highly value being able to filter products or services through a site’s search.

A calculated search experience directly leads to sales and revenue. In order to drive optimal search results, ensure that your search feature has the following:

  • Search bar should be easily seen
  • Contain built-in autocomplete function
  • Utilize semantic search to drive better results
  • Include navigational elements
  • Have images and ratings within the results

E-Commerce Summary
There are many things that should be considered when designing an e-commerce experience and site, however the above research backed principals are non-negotiable. Driving success through sales and revenue begins with having a site that contains speed, usability, product/service information, high-resolution images, authentic reviews/ratings, and most importantly a well-crafted search experience.


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