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Entrepreneurs embrace Facebook Live as both a marketing foundation and primary social media investment.

Entrepreneurs should seize the opportunity to decrease marketing costs and increase marketing ROI with a Facebook Live strategy. Facebook Live positively changes the relationship and ROI between social media and business, as it moves the Facebook platform from a friends and family social media reach to a brand-story studio for fast growth businesses. For now, Facebook Live is simple and free but does require content creativity – a strong suite for Entrepreneurs.


What is Facebook Live – 3 clicks – Go to your business’ Facebook page on your mobile device, click status, choose the Live Video option and then Facebook Live streams your live video recording to your FB audience, allowing you to build your brand, customer relationships and revenue. Audiences are moved by your brand’s authenticity and creativity. People are more fascinated with live streams now, compared to still, previously recorded video.


March 2016 – Facebook made a major algorithm change, giving Facebook Live video significant priority posting, staying high on consumer feeds and deep into audience reach, while the algorithm pushes down and minimizes Facebook text posts, unless you are paying for it. If you are just posting FB text, you are talking to yourself and a miniscule audience of below 1%. All signals alert action: Facebook, with its 1.09 billion users, has signed 140 celebrities to broadcast on Facebook Live and has filed a patent for a device that would allow direct FB Live stream to TV.

Looking Ahead

Mark Zuckerberg remarked that by 2019, most of Facebook will be video, and the stats tell the story. A recent study shows that a live video reaches more than 6,000 users, while a text article reaches 36, and people are spending 3x more time watching Facebook Live videos than pre-recorded videos. FB videos have a 135% greater organic reach over photos. Yes, as FB Live proliferates, Zuckerberg will go to “pay-to-play” game for FB Live streaming, in order to reach a wider audience and all of your followers. However, smart entrepreneurial companies will jump to learn and earn, while it is free and forceful in branding and driving revenue.

Facebook Live Facts

Make it about your audience, not about you. Incorporate your audience (customers, patients, vendors, etc.) into the live stream and story. A multi-chain Restaurant-preneur should not tell about how great his company is, but let the chefs tell how they are choosing and making the special for the day. An MD entrepreneur should not tell us that he is a great doctor, but a live feed with a patient and their success story. Facebook Live is a great story.


Verified Facebook business page, iPhone, smartphone, tablet or Mevo camera (getmevo.com).

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