LinkedIn Has Earned a Second Look by adding Q&A Native B2B Video Platform

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Leverage B2B video marketing through LinkedIn’s new Q&A Native Video platform for LinkedIn Influencers.


Video is growing rapidly on social networks over the past few years. Facebook grew from one billion video views per day to 8 billion over the course of fourteen months, Snapchat grew from 4 billion to 10 billion in under a year. Even Instagram, where video does not have as much focus, video consumption has grow 150% over the past six months, while videos on Twitter have grown over 50% in 2016.


Given the focus on video from all the major players (Pinterest is now working on video pins), it comes as no surprise to see LinkedIn also step up, announcing a new, native video option that will eventually enable users of the professional social network to better connect with prospective businesses partners and employers through the power of moving images.
However, as with all things LinkedIn, the evolution of the new offering will take some time to evolve.
To begin their first dive into native video, LinkedIn announced that users will soon begin to see a range of videos posted by LinkedIn influencers in response to member questions.

Looking Ahead

LinkedIn product manager Jasper Sherman-Presser said in a TechCrunch interview that there will be no ads or any fees at all associated with the new videos to start with, but as noted in that post:
“…given that LinkedIn has a strong premium (paying) subscriber business, and is also working all the time to build out its advertising business, it seems like an obvious progression for both of these to come online at some point.”
LinkedIn stated its video offering will follow a similar evolution to their Publisher platform, first opening up to influencers then eventually branching out to all users over time. This new Q&A option is likely just a test to enable LinkedIn’s development team to iron out all the bugs and prepare their systems for the next stage of a wider native video roll out.


LinkedIn’s built their video platform to be adaptive in order to play well on different devices and via different levels of network connectivity.
People are already posting a large amounts of video content on the platform – a growing number of people are uploading video links to their profiles to give prospective employers and business partners a better idea of who they are- making this the next logical evolution for LinkedIn.

You’ll begin to see LinkedIn’s new videos appearing in your LinkedIn news feed today.


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