Replace Your Website With A WebApp Presence

Clarify – What is a WebApp?

A responsive, refined less expensive .com URL website.

Daylight – Businesses are spending unnecessary money and time on websites.

Consumers and B2B customers are no longer “digging in” and filtering through long complex websites. Viewers are landing on a company’s webpage with the objective of check credibility and go with what is analogous to a “recon fly over mission” – get in, get the job done and get out.

Looking Ahead – What’s in store for 2017

Website obsolescence will continue with informational overload and high unnecessary costs. Websites will be replaced with a WebApp presence, lowering costs and increasing quality of information to attract viewers who are spending less time. Entrepreneurs have a double barrel opportunity to lower the cost of the website investments while increasing viewer time for longer engagements and stronger conversions in sales. Make no mistake that a need for a web presence is still necessary as 93% consumers and 72% of B2B visit a website prior to a purchase or PO decision.

Opportunity – Spend Less and Increase Sales

Here are the WebApp standards: Below the Fold is Gold, 90 second video and quality not quantity content text. Even on major purchase decisions, the data shows customers/ consumers spend less than 2.5 minutes picking through a website and 95% gravitate to “Below the Fold” – Located right center on the first scroll of the home page. For example, Below the Fold accessible video attracts a web viewer for 350 seconds vs. 42 seconds when all text is found. Companies such as Tinder spent only 7,600 dollars in building their web presence through essentially a WebApp using its URL through

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