In order to understand eIQ, you must understand what we’re not.

We’re not the latest fad digital agency or another marketing company. We’re a solid and trusted group of entrepreneurs in the natural and integrated health space who measure our work by one thing- results! 

Digital Marketing to Patient Generation

Proven Branding and Marketing

  • SEO & SMO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Video Production
  • Web Design
  • E-Commerce Solutions

CRM Strategy and Execution

  • Salesforce
  • ZOHO
  • Nutshell
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Pipedrive

Email Marketing and Automation

  • Hubspot
  • Infusionsoft
  • Marketo
  • Active Campaign
  • MailChimp
  • Pardot

We don’t just “make” success.
We formulate it.

We help leading health practitioners grow their practice without the guesswork. We’ll help you discover the ideal routes to take to grow your practice using data-driven strategies, measuring and testing scenarios to move your revenue forward so that the risks you take are calculated.

Social media has changed the game in terms of how we communicate with one another, and with brands. Using the vast knowledge within our resources, we deliver personalized messages through creative insight, turning your social channels into ROI generating channels.

Real-time performance insights and unique campaign structures move audience engagement, mirroring the buyers journey.

EIQ utilizes relationships with social partners to provide access to the latest innovative opportunities.

Our team provides creative video, motion graphics and captivating imagery to ensure your brand disrupts newsfeeds.

Design is far from just aesthetics. Form and function are crucial in all creative projects our team embarks on. From captivating collaborative to extensive ecommerce websites, we appeal to partners with clarity, passion and usability.

Our team selects systems that are suited to your needs, so you get every aspect of a solution along with seamless integration.

EIQ knows that the proof is in the product and we’re constantly testing, using data to enhance before, during and after launch.

Staying consistent is crucial for your end buyers to see. Our creative transitions to every platform from browser, mobile, social and beyond.

Most care about the organizations and products that offer them value through experience. Our strategist find creative ways to communicate your initiatives through content that appeals to the media and reflects the interest of the end buyer.

EIQ utilizes tools to analyze content, competitors and demographics to identify topics that move people and hook their attention.

Our creative ideas fit uniquely into the buyer’s journey, building awareness, engagement and directing traffic to the right channels.

Creation is critical, but distribution is equally as important. EIQ addresses PR avenues and influencers to understand what content they are looking to share.

Our advance campaign strategies are attributed to our data reach and resources. Aggregating and modelling data is native to us as understanding your customers is key in driving profit in paid search campaigns.

Our team takes a composed approach to solving our partner’s obstacles. Tasks are prioritized on what drives performance.

Driven holistically, our paid techniques support SEO strategies to dominate exposure.

Bid strategies are catered to our partner’s needs. Leading software allows us the edge.

EIQ strategist provides the latest industry knowledge and data to companies looking to disrupt their market.

As technology evolves, SEO does as well. Our strategist understand how to get search benefits from what your organization creates digitally.

The little changes make the biggest difference in moving your revenue and traffic. Identifying those tedious technical pieces is where our team excels.

The right data is critical in utilizing the right strategy for each partner. Unique ranking, market position and backlinks allow our strategist to prioritize plans for the right results. Driven by insights, data is the core of every decision in SEO that our team makes.

Our team creates lasting SEO strategies that produce benefits, built on technical improvements that drive traffic and move revenue.

Our data insights allow our strategists to increase organic visibility for nutraceutical brands and their products by using the right approach at the best time.

Our unique systems are backed by Google, enabling them to be catered to the needs of our partners.

Creating and executing leading search campaigns comes naturally to our team. We are data driven minds with a creative passion for driving revenue.

We are in a world that breaths and lives data, giving just as much attention to how it’s accessed and stored to how it is reported on and analyzed. We have turned the practice of business intelligence and data science into art. As well, having the ability to harness artificial intelligence and machine learning, we create methods and strategies to remain cutting edge.

Developed by our strategic partner, Solvati, we comprise a unique dashboard solution that allows the aggregation of any 3rd party data source into a simple format.

Predictive Modeling: Using established statistical models, algorithms and machine learning we provide insight into predictive future scenarios. The goal is to establish what will happen; not the alternative.

Performance optimization: Looking at past behaviors and future trends does not help decide what needs to be done now. Here we dive into your business objectives that deliver.

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